10 Hairstyles for a Strapless Wedding Dress

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When it comes to certain types of wedding dresses, it can be difficult to find the perfect hairstyle that complements each style. However, this is not true for strapless gowns. Since these gowns really show off your collarbone and shoulders, they work with almost any type of hairstyle, whether that’s an elegant updo, a chic ponytail, or long and loose waves.
You want everyone to notice your hairstyle. This style is timeless and elegant and it’s easy and comfortable. If you don’t mind leaving your hair down, opt for glamorous waves or curls, or do something more low-maintenance and simple. These looks can all be stunning, and each one will make an impression.
Continue reading to discover 10 ways you can wear your hair with a strapless gown.
1) Choose a Matching Hair Accessory
For a sleek look, choose a hair accessory that matches the elements of your gown. here the bride opted for a chic low bun and made it more fabulous using the same ostrich feather material found on her wedding dress.
2) Keep Your Hair Long and Sleek
You don’t have to do much with your hair when you have a strapless dress. If you have long hair, blow it out into a sleek, bouncy style, then leave it down for the night.
3) Slick Hair Back Into a Tight Bun
A tighter bun will show off your gown’s neckline. We love how pretty this style looks with a long veil. This is especially useful if you are getting married on a hot day.
4) Pair Your Bun With a Birdcage Veil
For a vintage feel, add a birdcage veil to your hairstyle. For a romantic look, this veil is perfect paired with a chignon. You can also add flowers, as this bride did.
5) Try a Chignon With Some Front Tendrils
A chignon can be a lovely style that has a strapless gown. You can pull your hair back if you don’t want the chignon to look too tight or heavy. Instead, let your curly tendrils frame your face. We love this style for a beach wedding.
6) A Voluminous Ponytail Helps Show Off Your Veil
A voluminous ponytail is a good idea for brides with long hair. For this wedding, the bride pulled her natural hair into a ponytail, teased it, and added a beautiful headband birdcage veil.
7) Opt for a Braided Chignon
A soft braided chignon, especially for brides with long hair, is a romantic choice. It keeps your hair from falling down to your shoulders and back. A voluminous gown will make the hair look loose.
8) Put Soft Curls Into a Half-Up, Half-Down Look
This hairstyle allows you to have both a slicked-back look and a voluminous hairstyle. Curl your hair, gently brush out the curls, and twist into a loose half-up, half-down style that feels casual but elegant.
9) A Deep Side Part and Floral Clip Is a Perfect Match
This hairstyle is great for brides with shorter hair. Do a side part to add volume and then add a floral clip at the end. We love how this bride had a white floral-inspired piece in her hair but carried a bouquet of only greenery.
10) Go for a Voluminous Low Bun
To create a voluminous low bun, curl your hair first, then tease it to give it more oomph. To show off your jewelry and gown, twist it and braid it into loose, low buns

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