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In the world of digitization, the term called Cryptocurrency is going wild with everyone. This latest development has led to the emergence of many issues and comforts for many people worldwide.

Cryptocurrency is basically digital currency if we say it in simple terms. It is generally a medium of transactions as well as exchanges that can be related to the physical money that we people use in markets, shopping malls, or cafes. Cryptocurrency is basically not governed by any central authority, and hence its use is considered to be a little unethical. 

There is not even a single authority like a single organization or a government that holds in the working of this money chain. Blockchain technology is employed in the working of digital currency, which is vital for the transmission of crypto money.

This article talks about crypto with the example of crypto money known as Bitcoin- 

1. Cryptocurrency is basically using a digital form of the money notes and coins we use for the whole of our lives. It is not administered by an organization or a central bank, making it a little vulnerable to criticism and its non-utilization. In various countries, they are considered to be commodities and securities too. The owners hold the crypto money as a token, which makes them use the money as it is extracted through mining. Cryptocurrency is said to have been developed by a person or group known as Satoshi Nakamoto of Japan. 

2.  We know that cryptocurrency exists in minted form, and its extraction for use is a series of processes that is done through a technology known as Blockchain technology. Blockchain is basically a transaction database that uses a public financial transaction. A blockchain is basically a series of enumerating blocks that are considered to be a series of growing lists or records. Each block has a pointer to trace its previous transaction and also works on a timestamp. The blockchain is managed by a network connection that is a bit complicated to be modified. 

3. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency that was introduced. It is an open-source digital currency that cryptocurrency users widely use. Ethereum is another commonly used cryptocurrency after bitcoin. It is decentralized and not controlled by any central authority, just like other cryptocurrencies. The bitcoin transaction happens by a method called cryptography. 

Cryptography can be understood as the interpretation of digital signals that are produced by the transmission of crypto money. These digital signals require interpretation to be done so as to interpret the amount of bitcoin transmitted and the receiving end of the currency. Cryptography is not the same as blockchain technology, as blockchain is simply the transfer of bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency from one end to the other end, but cryptography is the interpretation of the money exchange process.

4. The recent developments showcase the cryptocurrency agenda’s huge potential in the digital world. Many countries are coming forward and giving up their nod to issue a legal tender to cryptocurrency. Countries like El Salvador and the African Union have issued a yes to use cryptocurrency as their legal money.

Also, the Ukrainian Republic has used Bitcoin several times to make its dealings and accept donations in the present ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. Many people who invest in stock market exchanges are suddenly shifting towards bitcoin transfers so as to earn more or explore the digital world too. The utility to use the bitcoin facility is just a simple computer system with a secured network connection. 

Thus, people are shifting towards the utilization of the bitcoin technology and giving up the old ways of raising money through stocks and simple money transfers.


The most important thing to remember here is that cryptocurrency can be regarded as unregulated digital money which is not under any single organization, bank, or authority of a nation or a state. It is just a medium of digital exchange and can be regarded as a way to transfer digital currency without any physical means. 

Thus, to avail of a thing that has no control by any authority or organization, there is a kind of resentment and insecurity among the users. The most important thing to note is that Bitcoin is the most widely used currency in the world. It was the first digital currency that was created and is also the first cryptocurrency to get legal authorization by the nation of El Salvador as its legal currency. 


1. What are the 4 types of cryptocurrencies?

The four types of cryptocurrencies mainly used are-

  • Utility
  • Payment
  • Security
  • Stablecoins

Other cryptocurrency includes Defi tokens, asset-backed tokens, and NFTs. The most widely used cryptocurrency are Utility and Payment tokens.

2. What is crypto crashing?

Crypto crashing is an umbrella term that includes the soaring inflation, rising interest rates, and growing amount of living costs along with the recession looms. This is attributed to the reason behind the wider global climate that is getting worsened day by day. Cryptocurrency is stored in clouds; that is, it works on a cloud computing machine that seriously affects the environment. When requested for transactions, the cryptocurrency happens to go through a series of blocks and occupies a considerable amount of energy for storage. This energy is released when the blockchain moves backward and this creates another release of energy in the cloud system. The transmission occupies certain spectrums in the atmosphere, due to which the transmission radiates waves also sometimes. The main consequence of this radiation emission is the harmful effect it has on birds, humans, and animals. These radiations are that are of high frequency, and a lower wavelength is capable of causing mutations in living organisms that can cause diseases like cancer.


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