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In this world of unpredictability, we never know what is going to happen to us in the very next second. There is no surety of life in today’s world of distress and unavailability of trust among people.

The most important aspect that provides us a certain amount of relief is to avail of insurance. Insurance helps us sustain our life and the lives of our relatives, friends, or children if something happens to us or our goods and collaterals. 

We see most people nowadays happen to have vehicles with them. Mainly they possess a scooter or one or two two-wheelers. Although the maintenance cost and everything of this service are quite high it gives people a sense of comfort and also a sense of luxury.

Now, we have insurance for vehicles available in India. The most important aspect of this service in India is that it even provides compensation for any worn or torn vehicle in case of an accident or mishap.

This article talks in detail about the Car Insurance service and its functionality in India.

1. Vehicle Insurance is popularly known as car insurance or auto insurance in India. Its main aim is to provide financial assistance to the owner or his or her family against any damage to the vehicle that may be caused during any collision, accident, or natural calamity. Vehicle Insurance basically happens for trucks, cars, motorbikes, and buses too. 

2. Car Insurance can be for theft, traffic collisions, natural disasters, or sliding on mountainous terrain or an irregular region. The insurance amount that any organization provides is basically based on the amount of the vehicle’s original price.

3. The car insurance is provided to the owner of the vehicle, the passengers (if any) in the vehicle, or a third party as proposed by the owner. With the new advancement in technology, nowadays, facility car insurance is available online also.

4. The various types of vehicle insurance available in India are-


This is the most common and the most emerging field in India today. It provides a premium amount to the owner of the vehicle after any kind of mishap related to the vehicle takes place. The amount that is disbursed depends upon the state of the car that happens to be there after the damaging incident, the Registered certificate of the car, and the No claim bonus if availed by the owner.


This type of insurance covers the amount to be paid to the vehicle’s owner or driver. 

Amount=Current showroom rate*Depreciation rate.

The Depreciation rate is set up by the Tariff Advisory Committee at the beginning of the policy starting up.


This insurance facility is for no personal vehicles like trucks, small dumpers, JCBs, and bulldozers. The price given to the owner after he or she avails of the price is given by the factors listed below-

  • Showroom price of the vehicle.
  • Making of the vehicle.
  • Place of the vehicle’s registration.

5. In India, there are various organizations that give away Insurance facilities to the owner. A legal proceeding takes place before the Insurance is given to the person availing it. The documents required for vehicle insurance in India are as follows-

  • A duly signed form by the owner seeking vehicle insurance.
  • Registration Certificate (RC) copy of the vehicle whose insurance is to be done. The company itself issues the RC.
  • A copy of the driving license. The driving license should be up-to-date and also should contain a clear passport-size photo of yours on it.
  • A First Information Report copy.
  • The price statement of the vehicle. The showroom issues this from where you purchase the vehicle.
  • A policy statement of the insurance scheme.

6. The Third Party Insurance includes an amount that is to be paid when there are no personal damages due to an accident with the vehicle. The insurance amount is basically paid when there is some vehicle theft, bodily injury, property damage, medical coverage, expenses for funerals, etc.

The Third Party Insurance generally includes loss due to an accident, fire breakdown, and damage due to inappropriate mechanical settings in the vehicle. The primary cause of damage to the vehicle should be something accidental or, more precisely, something that is unchecked and uncontrollable.

7. Car Insurance helps out people with any loss of life to a family. In India majority of drivers are from low-income backgrounds or from the marginalized sector of society. They are mainly the sole breadwinners of their respective families.  In such cases, if something happens to them during any accident of the vehicle, their family might get up financial aid through the insurance money to keep their house running.


Thus, having vehicle insurance for your vehicle is a good choice for a safe future. This not only provides assistance to your family members but also provides them with a safe and financially stabilized ahead. Always check first the authenticity of the insurance scheme in order to avail of the facility.

There is confidential data coverage that takes place during the request for insurance filing. The acceptance time of the final insurance that you may avail yourself is mainly a period comprising of two-three months. Always put pack your valuable trust in some authorized company or a firm and avail yourself the facility of giving up your family a safe and secure future. Vehicle insurance is a good option to go on with.


1. Which is the cheapest type of car insurance?

The cheapest type of car insurance is the ‘State-minimum Liability coverage.’ 

2. What does basic car insurance include?

Different states have their own means of providing car insurance. Some provide gap insurance, bodily injury liability, property injury protection, collision insurance, and even property damage liability.


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