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Online video gaming is a multi-million dollar business. Developers and gamers are going hand in hand with the increasing demand for gaming platforms. One of the top-rated games is Free Fire. With the accessibility of the internet in the country’s suburbs and the country’s large mobile market, digital gaming is exploding. For hours, the kids are stuck to their phones and laptop computers, playing sports. The addiction to video gaming is creating a huge up roar.

The Free Fire, also known as Battlefield Free Fire, is a survival fighting game for Android and iOS mobile devices. The game is developed by 111 Dots Studio. Garena for Android and iOS is the publisher of this game. The game is based on the premise of a battlefield. The game Free Fire is openly inspired by PUBG. The game is available for free download on both Android and iOS. The game got the most downloads in 2019

This article will help you know more about this exciting and adventurous game, The Free Fire. The high quality and well developed background, avatars with different skills to survive, and easy user interface are the reasons why the game is becoming so popular and more wanting among youngsters. Before you start getting experts into the game, let’s know how to download the game.

How to Download Free Fire:

  1. Before you download any game from the Play Store, make sure your account is linked to your Gmail account. 
  2. Search for Free Fire and hit the install button. You can read the comments by users and short information in the description box before downloading the application.
  3. Once the download is complete, tap the game icon on your mobile screen.
  4. When the update is over, launch the game to begin the installation process. The game will scan for mobile connectivity and prompt the user to choose an avatar name, costumes, and so on.

All About Game and New Season:

Free Fire users are in constant wait for next season. There is the race to complete the season and reach the next level to battle with other elites among the users. The Free Fire season lasts for two or three months. Users can search for how to win the game, survival tactics, and how to use the avatar to get better by the end of the season. 

The game adheres to a strict zero-tolerance approach. Cheating or cracking the game would result in serious charges being leveled against the hacker or the users found cheating. Once a player is barred from stealing or hacking the game servers, they will not be unbanned again.

Garena launches the Battle Pass function as a means for players to gain access to an abundance of unique prizes. Garena Free Fire Elite Passes from Season 1 to Season 27 are available here. There are rewards for each season once the player completes the battle.

For example, season 1 has got ‘The Sakura Blossom bundles’, which is the Free Fire elite pass reward. In season 2, you will get a Free Fire elite pass once you collect 175 badges this season. Season 3 has the ‘Doomsday Madness,’ the exclusive outfits for your avatars after earning 225 badges. For the latest season 27, you can get the Free Fire elite pass as ‘Sushi Menace.’

Free Fire Avatars/Characters:

Every character has got their survival techniques and personal life. The fiction characters have background life on the basis of which their abilities are developed. They have learned from their ad times and are ready to serve their purpose on the Free Fire’s battlefield. 
Battle royale is the gaming genre. The game’s female and male avatars make it more appealing to the younger generation. Each avatar has a unique name in the game and a brief overview of its skills. Here are a few trending characters of Free Fire.

  • Shirou: This character has got a unique ability to survive. If a person is struck from within 80 meters, the intruder is detected. The first shot on identified enemies has improved armor penetration on the visible users.
  • Dasha: Free Fire has female combats in the game. This character can reduce the amount of damage taken and the amount of time it takes to heal from falls. Reduce the rate of recoil buildup and the actual amount of recoil.
  • Maxim: The Avatar has won many speedy eating competitions. He gulps the mushrooms and moves on.
  • Jai: The avatar is related to a Bollywood movie fiction character. The plus point in using this avatar is After defeating an enemy, the gun’s magazine is immediately reloaded (limited to AR, Pistol, SMG, and SG).
  • Steffie: The avatar has a surprising ability to create graffiti that decreases explosion and bullet damage by 5 percent for a few seconds. 45rpm CDs Effects cannot be stacked.
  • Rafael: This avatar is a deadly killer with the ability to make you invisible for 8s on the mini-map.
  • Paloma: The female character is capable of carrying AR ammunition without taking up warehouse space.
  • Ford: If you want to be safe outside the safe zone, try this avatar. You will get a quick recovery from dame outside the secured zone.
  • Andrew:  Andrew is intelligent and curious when it comes to solving criminal cases. Andrew worked as a policeman. He spent most of his days catching criminals, and he had a deep sense of justice. Reduce the lack of vest reliability.
  • Moco: This avatar will help you in tagging the enemies that you kill using Moco.


We are aware that the world is going crazy due to the constant changes in smartphone gaming. Because of the game’s success, users are drawn to watch live YouTube gaming competitions to learn how to survive in the game. It’s fun for players to go little nuts when playing the game.

With the updates issued by the developers, the game’s worldwide success continues to expand. A number of games are available for free in both Android and iOS formats. The rest of the games are available for free play. People are being engrossed in the creative gaming world. The graphic design, the vast possibilities of various environments in the game, and the adventure mode are all increasing the users of Free Fire.


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