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Garena Free Fire is considered to be the Best Battle Royal Game by millions. It is a survival game where you need to buy diamonds with the exclusive game currency while combating several challenges. It is an engrossing game that tops up the young and adults alike.This free-to-play game was released in 2017.

Here the number of people is released by a remote location and the players need to survive the various challenging situations to proceed further as a winner.

The general span is 15 minutes to 25 minutes depending on the play styles of the players. Several types of weapons are available to proceed.

Garena can be played easily on a laptop or PC by using the official simulator. It can also be played via GameLoop or BlueStacks. This is a multiplayer game with 450 million users with over 50 million daily users as per the statistics of August 2019.

There are local and regional tournaments held occasionally, there are international tournaments too like the annual Free Fire World Cup. The upcoming championship includes the Free Fire Indian Championship. The Copa America has ended.

There are regular updates on the game to keep it interesting and dynamic. The currency in which the in-app purchase is made is automatically set by the respective app store. Thus, you cannot change the presented currency. It can only be changed through your account settings. The basic procedure may vary from device to device.

In order to change it through Google Play, follow these simple steps:

● Sign in to your personal Google Payments account at
● Click on “settings” on the left.
● Click on “edit” next to the home address on the list and update the address.
● Open Play Store to navigate if there are any other items fit to download.
● Click to initiate the download and then click “Accept and buy”.

● Close Play Store, force stop and clear the data on the Google Play Store
application-Settings>Apps>Google Play Store>Force Stop then clear
data/browser cache.
● Re-open Play Store. It will match the relevant currency option.

Submission Process of a ticket for special airdrop issues?

In case you are facing issues with Special Airdrop or you have mistakenly purchased the same item twice or more, then select Payment Issue (Special Airdrop not received) as “type of problem”.

In the “Description and details” section furnish a small description regarding your
problem to let the authorities understand your concern.

Provide all the relevant account information and enter the Google Play receipt number.
In the “select accordingly” option, choose the relevant option that suits you best
Finally, make sure, you attach all the necessary GP receipts along.

How to fix the“In-App Purchase not allowed” message on the iOS platform ?

In order to enable in-app purchase, you must first turn on the screen time :-

1. Visit settings where the Screen time appears, and then tap on Turn on Screen

2. Click on “continue” and then choose “This is my (device)” or “This is my child’s
(device)” option.

3. In case you do not wish to let any other family member to change the settings on
your device, then you can choose a password for the concerned settings.

4. Select Content and Privacy Restrictions. In case you are required to enter the
password then you have to turn on the Content and Privacy option.

5. Select iTunes and App Store purchases.

6. Then choose in-app purchases and click on the purchase.

How to manage in case you did not receive the diamonds after the purchase?

It is very essential to always ensure that the entire purchasing procedure has been successfully completed. To ascertain the fact, log in to your email to check if the payment receipt has been received or not. The mode of payment plays a significant part in the timing of the appearance of the diamonds in your store. But if the store does not display it after twenty minutes of the purchase, try to simulate a second purchase. The
second purchase can be made in the following manner.

● Select the “top-up” button and select any amount as per your needs.

● As the relevant page is displayed, enter the password without completing any
transaction, and immediately return to the previous page.

● As you return to the main page wait for a couple of minutes to restart the game.
This will display the enhanced diamond store.

● If you do not receive the diamonds even after purchasing it, you must proceed to
contact the service support team.

Characters in the game

There are a bunch of characters in the game some of which include- Chrono, Dasha, Jai, Luqueta, Kelly, Hayato, Moco, Steffie, Misha, Maxim, Andrew, Laura, Rafael, Alok, Jota, and many other characters which makes the game even more interesting.


Besides, there is a bundle of unique and interesting factors in the game to keep it hooking all the time. There are some guides available to improve the overall gaming experience like “5 Free Fire mistakes you should avoid”, “Best Settings to use in Free
Fire”, etc. This is in short a comprehensive guide about Free Fire India.


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