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Free Fire is a Battle Royale game that is available to play on android and iOS. Free Fire is a free-to-play game that was released in 2017 by Garena and has seen an accelerated rise in its popularity ever since. Garena Free Fire can also be played on PC through the official emulator of Garena.

Garena Free Fire is an online-only battle royale game that is played in the third-person perspective. Garena Free Fire has become a favourite among mobile esports lover, and Garena has also announced the Free Fire World Series with a prize pool of $2 million. This contest will be organised starting in April 2021 and will occur twice per year.

Garena Free Fire is known to provide regular updates to the game, not to let it be static and give the players exciting new challenges and new characters regularly. This helps the players keep the excitement levels for this game and not get bored playing it quickly. Garena Free Fire has announced the new OB27 update along with the new rank season 6.

The Clash Squad season 5 has ended, and the new season has arrived on 15 April. The new season will see the players’ rank get reset, and they will receive the rewards according to the highest tier reached by them in Clash Squad.

The new season has been released on 15 April, and with the new season, there is also a new reward for reaching higher tiers in Clash Squad mode. This season, players will be receiving a golden M500 for reaching Gold III and above in Clash Squad mode.

There are many more changes that Garena has announced for the new season of Free Fire.

Store Dynamics:

Garena has announced that the Clash Squad store will also undergo some changes. Last season, the game introduced a system for exploring different weapons on different maps. In Season 6, the Clash Squad store will have multiple sets of stores, and in each match, one store will be chosen for the whole team for the entire game.

This step will see changes in the strategy for every match based on the store assigned.

Following stores will be available in Clash Squad:

  • Store Alpha
  • Store Beta
  • Store Charlie
  • Store Delta
  • Store Mysterious (for casual only)

New Map

The Bermuda Remastered, which is the new and enhanced version of the Bermuda map (the original map of Free Fire), was released in January as a temporary addition and was well-received among the players.

The new season will see the permanent addition of the Bermuda Remastered map and the fan-favourite Samurai Garden along with it.


The new map is quite popular among the fans and sees many additions to the original map and the removal of some areas.

Locations that have been removed:

  • Graveyard
  • Bullseye
  • Rim Nam Village
  • Riverside
  • Sentosa
  • Plantation

Locations that have been added:

  • Nurek Dam
  • Academy
  • Samurai Garden
  • Aden’s Creek

The new update will also see the coming of showing MVPs of both the teams after the match ends.

Free Rewards:

Similar to every update before it, the Season 6 update comes with some free rewards for players. The players will receive 2x Diamond Vouchers and 2x Weapon Royale Vouchers for updating the game. To obtain the rewards, all you have to do is update the game and log in. The rewards can be collected from the Events tab later on.

Weapon Attachments:

The developers at Garena figured that players would have difficulty picking up attachments every time they pick up a gun in Clash Squad. To solve this, the new update features permanent attachments to weapons so that the players don’t have to worry about picking a weapon with no attachments.

Dynamic Playzone:

The new update comes with a dynamic play zone under which the play zone changes in every round.

Character System

Garena has announced a few significant changes in the game’s character system, which had seen little to no change in the previous seasons. In this patch, a brand new UI is made for the character page. Now you can navigate, change and upgrade your characters swiftly.

The game has also removed all the costs that were present for upgrading your character. Now, if you have enough fragments, you can upgrade your character with no extra cost, and you can upgrade them instantly from the Character menu.

The max level for characters is also lowered from level 8 to level 6. This way, if you upgrade your characters, they will have skill upgrades too. Also, the awakening character skills will now include the original character skills and allow you to use your character in the best way indeed.

New Characters:

The new update comes with a bunch of new characters, each with their particular skills.

  1. Maro: This falconer is a significant threat for players and provides players with greater damage at range. You can partner Maro with Moco to take down your enemies at range.
  1. Xayne: This new character comes with a unique ability called Xtreme Encounter. At the base level, this new ability will give players 100 HP along with increased damage to gloo walls and shields. The effect lasts for 10 seconds and takes 150/140/130/120/110/100 seconds according to skill level.

New Weapon: Kord

The season update comes with the addition of Kord, which is a new LMG in the game and has increased power and fire rate when the players use it in prone and crouch positions.


A new loadout menu will ensure that you are using the right loadout before entering a match. The game has also introduced a heroic emblem, which shows all your achievements in every rank season.

Free Fire Season 6 also comes with many character adjustments and weapon adjustments, making the game more balanced and improving your experience while playing it. The season update is available to install from Play Store on Android and the App Store on iOS devices.


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