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Health Is Wealth…this phrase is known to all of us. The sentence highlights the gravity of good health among all of us. In today’s world, we all are crunched between luxurious lifestyles and busy schedules.

There is no time for us to give to our health care, and this results in the eruption of various health disorders among us. The most important thing in life is neglected by most of us today. Hence, to overcome this issue of improper health care, we need to be cautious regarding our lifestyle and especially our food habits.

Health Insurance is another way to ensure a smooth life for our family members, relatives, and friends after some mishap happens to us or anyone in our relationship. Health insurance ensures certain financial aid to the relatives of the person who has availed of the insurance policy.

This article highlights the relevant facts regarding health Insurance-

1. Health Insurance, or medical insurance, is a type of financial security provided to a person who has registered for it. It covers the medical expenses of the person and also avails some financial aid to the person during any health emergency or any health risk. The money is provided to the person through the criteria of monthly premium and monthly submission of a certain amount as security. The money that a person deposits in the corporation is added on as per a specific rate of interest, and then the whole amount is given to the depositor whenever he or she is willing to avail it. 

2. The various situations under which a person can avail of insurance are accidents like fire burns, acid attacks, disability, accidental death, or death during treatment of a terminal disease. Insurance is mainly availed by those who have some injury or sickness. It is a type of security for them to avail the treatment of the disease they are suffering from if they are not capable of earning or having financial assistance during their treatment. People who suffer from diseases that have long-term treatments like cancer, heart diseases, tumors, etc., can avail of this benefit to make them get the best required treatment they wish to have.

3. In India, private health insurance mostly dominates public health insurance. Public health services are available in most states, and their distribution varies over different states in different magnitudes. The most popular health insurance provider organization is the Life Insurance Corporation of India, abbreviated as LIC. LIC has gained a huge amount of trust from its registered customers, and it has a huge role in the health revolution emerging in India. 

4. India has recently witnessed the launch of the umbrella health care insurance scheme called the ‘Ayushman Bharat Yojana’, under which more than 500 million people are covered. This scheme also aims to provide a digital health ID to its beneficiaries, who are registered under this scheme. The health Id system provides a computerized database of all the medical health records that the person holds to himself. This stored medical record can be availed by the doctor to whom the person consults for a thorough backup history of medical examinations and records of that person. 

5. The health insurance industry of India is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy. According to statistics, there are about 1.3 billion propel in India who avail of the health insurance facilities provided by the Indian government organizations or private organizations. These health insurance facilities are also offered for some pre-examined diseases, like tumors, cancer, or heart diseases. Some diseases not availed under the health insurance scheme are AIDS and Tuberculosis.

6. To ensure that one gets the best out of the best health facilities in India, we need to be careful about our health. This needs to be the foremost thing in life as no one ever wants to have health insurance indeed in his or her lifetime. The most important aspect is having a good and wholesome or balanced diet.

You need to have a daily routine alongwith a healthy lifestyle that should include exercising, cycling, or any physical activity. The intake of alcohol and other harmful substances should be avoided. The use of tobacco and smoking is the main cause of cancer in human beings, so we need to check on our habits and also check that what we consume is good for us. Remember, that what you eat is what you become. So, eat healthily and live a healthy life. 


Thus, the health insurance facility provided in India is a great initiative, and it generally aims to target every beneficiary of the country who can’t afford to avail the financial burden of having an expensive treatment done for the disease they suffer with.

The most important thing to remember is that the beneficiaries should understand that they need to avail themselves of the health facility from a recognized institution or organization in order to ensure that their money is invested in the right place and with a trusted organization. Life Insurance Corporation of India provides extensive coverage of health benefits to its users and ensures them as well as their family members, with financial aid to provide them with a smooth health treatment facility.


1. What is PPO?

The full form of PPO is Preferred Provider Organization. It is a means of providing health insurance to the patients through their in-personal doctor and sometimes external doctors. It is the most commonly used health insurance in India today.

2. What is an EPO plan vs. HMO?

EPO stands for Exclusive Provider Organisation. EPO is an insurance plan for use within a network plan, whereas HMO is used on a larger basis. HMO is mostly used because it has a larger coverage area, and also it provides a certain type long time security to those who avail of it


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