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The USA is one of the most preferred destinations for education by international students. It ranks third after Canada and the United Kingdom in diverting the maximum number of international students on its land. The diverse culture and environment, ground of numerous inventions and researches, along with the home of top 13 institutes from top 20 Universities of the world, USA has made it apparent for students to attract towards it for gaining knowledge and receiving degrees from world recognised global institutions.

Some of the globally renowned institutions for studying in USA are:

  1. Princeton University
  2. Harvard University
  3. Columbia University
  4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  5. Yale University
  6. Stanford University
  7. University of Chicago
  8. University of Pennsylvania

MBA is one of the most sought education programmes by international students in the USA. The program is capable of giving you a 100% growth in your business management ability and setting you on an embarked path of success. The USA offers a lavish salary around the globe after completion of the MBA program. Moreover, the MBA programmes provided by business schools and universities are not only extensive but also highly flexible.

MBA is a 2 year course which provides a scientific, experimental and systematic approach for efficient business management. One who wants to become an Entrepreneur, is more likely to go through the business program education.


For getting admission in an MBA program, the international students are required to give tests. Here are some of the important eligibility criteria that a candidate must hold for getting admission in an MBA program in the USA

  1. You need to have 16 years of education i.e 10+2, and four years of bachelor degree for undergoing any masters program in the USA.  
  2. Score a good GMAT score: It is important to score a good GMAT score for qualifying admission in any business school in the USA. 
  3. It is mandatory for international students to have a minimum score of IELTS, TOEFL for pursuing study in the USA.  IELTS and TOEFL scores vary from university to university and the type of MBA program chosen. 
  4. To study MBA programs in the USA, prior work experience of about 3 years is required. Although there are some universities which give admission to students on further additional eligibility criteria.


Business Schools in the US are known globally for the high quality of education.  Here are some of the popular Business Schools of USA who offer various MBA programs:

  • Harvard Business School
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Stanford Graduate School of Business
  • MIT
  • Columbia Business School
  • University of Chicago
  • Yale School of Management
  • Dartmouth College


As per the QS MBA by Specialization Rankings, the USA Universities offered top positions in different MBA specializations. Here are the most popular specialization courses prevalent in MBA:

  1. Consulting
  2. Finance
  3. Information Management
  4. Marketing
  5. Operations Management
  6. Entrepreneurship
  7. Technology


Earlier without GMAT score, admissions were not allowed for MBA programmes in the USA. Now some business schools in the USA are not solely dependent on GMAT scores for giving admission.  They are now preferring additional criteria for granting admission to candidates. Here are the 6 popular programs in the USA which do not ask for GMAT score.

  1. The Executive MBA program from Sawyer Business School asks for an additional requirement of minimum 7 years of working experience
  2. A 1 year MBA program from Hult International Business School requires the candidate to give a Hult Business Assessment Test
  3. MBA from Alfred Learner College of Business And Economics asks for 83% or B grade in UG + Upper- level maths course along with a minimum 4 years of working experience
  4. Professional MBA from College of Business at Florida International University requires a minimum 4 years of working experience. If you have a good GMAT score, it will help to strengthen your profile and admission. 
  5. Executive MBA from Kellogg School of Management requires GMAT score only if the admission committee seems it necessary because of any problem in the application. 
  6. Executive MBA from Marshall School of Business does not ask for GMAT score, yet it can be proved helpful in strengthening your candidate’s application. 


The cost of pursuing MBA from reputed institutions in the USA ranges from 45000 to 80000 USD per annum. It can go upto over 120000 USD, if you pursue a degree from a top business school in the USA.Although the fees can be a bit pricey but the degree from a reputed institution from the USA increases your career growth and profile. Since it is a demanding job and gives you lucrative job offers, it can be worthy to go for it.

Pursuing an MBA for an international student is not that easy because high fees and monthly expenses does not always allow it. And in that case a financial aid in the form of scholarship can release the burden. There are various scholarship options available for Indian aspirants seeking to go to the USA for MBA. Here are the some of the prominent scholarship options available to Indian students:

  1. Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship: It covers about 80% of the tuition fees of the students studying at Stanford University. 
  2. Chicago Booth University Scholarship: Akhtarali H. Tobaccowala offers the scholarship of 1 million USD to an Indian student pursuing MBA from Chicago Booth University while Ramakrishnan Family Scholarship offers 25000 USD per year to three Indian students pursuing MBA from  Chicago Booth University.

Other Scholarships for international students are:

  1. Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Programme
  2. Fulbright Student Program
  3. Harvard Business School Scholarship
  4. Forte Foundation Scholarship
  5. McComb’s Scholarships and Fellowships

The demand for MBA graduates is increasing very rapidly and they are being acknowledged globally in various sectors. McKinsey & Co., EY, Brain & Co., JP Morgan, Amazon, Apple, Goldman & Sachs, Deloitte are some of the top MBA recruiters keeping their eye on MBA graduates from the USA.  Thus pursuing an MBA from the USA can give spark to your career and open a wide range of growth possibilities for you.

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