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MBA is one of the most pursued postgraduate degrees worldwide. MBA, Master of Business Administration is a business degree which teaches the students managerial and leadership skills to help them create new career opportunities in the field of business. MBA lets the student explore the challenges associated with the industries and business.

With the trend and demand increasing, MBA programs are provided by the universities across the world. Among the countries well-known for providing MBA degrees, Germany lies within the top 10. Boasting of its robust economy in the whole Europe, Germany also lies in the forefront for providing world class educational programs. It has been ranked high on student’s lists for being the most sought international destination for studies. The economy of Germany is flourishing and seems to be the most appealing option to complete an MBA from Germany.

An MBA from Germany will introduce the aspirants with the world of corporate affairs. Along with theoretical knowledge the german universities put emphasis on providing practical skills to students, as they can deal with the real life challenges as a virtuoso. Germany has some of the best business schools in the world, among which some gained ranking in the QS World Ranking 2021 which implies their dominance in the business studies.

German universities have excellent teaching patterns with internationally qualified teachers and staff. Students completing their MBA from Germany have set the record for bagging highest campus placements at big companies. Germany, being itself as a country with top companies of the globe has its prominence in research and development.

With the tuition fees becoming the reason of concern while pursuing MBA, public german universities levy no tuition fees for MBA. isn’t it a drool worthy fact for the students aspiring to complete their MBA from Germany. Although the public universities charge fees at the beginning of semesters to cover up the administration charges. But some of the top business schools are under private ownership, the tuition fees are obviously higher. When compared with other top countries like the USA, UK or Australia, MBA programs offered at German universities are much cheaper, thus turning an MBA into a better deal for the future.

Here are the best universities and colleges in Germany for doing MBA:

  • Mannheim Business school
  • Frankfurt School of Business and Management
  • Leipzig University
  • European Business School
  • Munich Business School
  • WHU-Otto Beisheim Graduate of School Management
  • Technical University of Munich
  • Offenburg University of Applied Science
  • EBS University of Business and Law
  • HWR-Berlin School of Economics and Law


Eligibility criteria for MBA programs varies from university to university. Aspirants are advised to check the eligibility criteria and cut-off thoroughly before applying for the degree. Here are the main eligibility requirements by the german universities.

  • Students must have completed their 10+2 and bachelor’s. The bachelor degree should be equivalent to that of German bachelor degree. The bachelor should be a 4 year program while in bachelor’s of 3 year, there is an additional requirement of 1 year degree in Business Administration.
  • An excellent academic record will pull up the chances of application getting accepted in the university. The university asks students to qualify and score minimum marks in GMAT/IELTS/TOEFL exams. Most MBA programs are taught in English, so the test is conducted to ensure the proficiency of students in the language. The basic knowledge of German language is also required.
  • An average of 550 score in GMAT is asked by the universities, although it varies per university. There are universities which do not ask for GMAT scores, but conduct their own entrance examinations. They might also ask for interviews or work experience of 2-3 years minimum.
  • For the programs delivered in German, students have to appear for German language proficiency tests like TestDAF/DSH to become eligible for studying there.

After completing their MBA students have the option to apply for an 18 months residence program in which they can find a suitable job according to their qualifications. Germany has introduced the EU blue Card which makes the stay of non-european residents stay in Germany if they have received employment after completing their studies. In order to get that the students must have his university degree and evidence of his employment with a certain company.

The annual cost of doing an MBA in Germany ranges from $17,500 to $44,000. The tuition fees charged also depend on the factors like the university, the specialization chosen and the type of MBA chosen. Executive MBA is the most popular option among the students, but has higher fees when compared with full-time MBA. A full time MBA can cost between 30,000 to 50,000 euros while an executive MBA can cost upto 90,000 euros!

The duration of MBA typically lies between 18 to 24 months. But in some modes it can be completed in 15, 18 or 20 months as per the university’s rules. The living costs in Germany lie between 700 to 1000 euros per month. There are a number of scholarship options provided by the government to students pursuing higher education from Germany to lessen the financial burden on them. Some parts of it are also reserved for meritorious international students. International students can also do some part-time work to cover up their living expenses.

There are companies who settle on paying tuition for intelligent students offering handsome packages in return to work for them. With the affordable price and vast scholarship programs, considering MBA from Germany is a wise option. An MBA graduate will have a bunch of career opportunities across the world as the german degree holds a great reputation in the business market. Not only it gives weight to the profile but it also pays a handsome amount in hands. An MBA graduate from Germany can earn an average salary of $125,000 per year. Thus, an MBA from Germany is none less than a good deal for a better future.


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