Top Ten Most Used Application Of 2022

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The last two years have completely changed the way we saw and used the internet. Since the pandemic, we have become more dependent on the internet than we were ever. From using Zoom calls for meeting to watching tik tok reels we have used several applications for our work and entertainment purposes.

Every year there is a difference between which application was mostly used by the people. this solely depends on what is trending. Like in the previous decade it was all about social media but we can see investment apps slowly rising to the glory too.

Here we are presenting the top 10 most used apps of 2022. We have considered apps from every genre without any discrimination. You can check whether your top used apps are on the list or not.

Top ten most-used apps

  1. Tik Tok

Hate it or love it but Tik Tok has been one of the most used and popular apps for 3 years. In the app, you can make a short video and share it with people across the world. one of the facts that made Tik Tok popular is the number of people who went viral and got famous by using the app. 

With the help of TikTok people share a small part of their life and showcase their talent to the world. the app has almost 2 billion downloads and users. That is the reason once you start scrolling the videos will never end on your feed. 

  1. Instagram

We know that Instagram has officially become the most used social media platform overcoming facebook. One of the reasons for this change is that the whole GenZ generation believes in Instagram’s superiority. Well, Instagram has many fun filters and just like TikTok Instagram also introduced insta reels that boosted its popularity.

Also, almost every celebrity around the world is active on Instagram and shares their personal life and thoughts with fans. Since the time Instagram came, the visual media has seen hype. Instagram is currently getting used by approx a billion people so that explains the various Instagram trends.

  1. Whatsapp

Whatsapp has changed the way people looked at SMS. Until and unless you have got imessage it is highly impossible you have never used WhatsApp. Rather than the usual boring SMS, WhatsApp made texting more fun and interactive. Whatsapp was very cheap and had a more customizable option. 

It had this advanced function that is your message delivered? Is your message seen by the other person and when your person was last active. This information made WhatsApp more easy and more fun to use. This is the reason that almost a billion people use WhatsApp. And we know the numbers are true because everyone is a part of the family WhatsApp group with whole relatives in there.

  1. Facebook

Facebook is one of the oldest social media platforms which is still used by many people. Facebook is not just a social media that connects people, it can help you to search for your ideal job or get projects. You can share your day-to-day life on Facebook live and reach millions of people. you can promote your business on Facebook and get customers.

It is highly impossible to be a 90s kid and never be on Facebook. Sending friend requests to our friends and getting accepted was a different kind of joy. Facebook is also called one of the most influential social media platforms and that is the reason we see so many politicians and celebrities using Facebook for promotion.

  1. ZOOM

The pandemic has transformed the way we used to interact with people and one of the crucial apps of this change was zoom. Zoom is a free online video call app wherein you can invite people and interact. It helped a lot of people with their business as many freelancers took their workshops and sessions through zoom call. The fact that zoom is free for 1 hour helped people to start with their small businesses.

One of the highlights of this app was that it was easy to use and you can share important files and information through it. the meetings of zoom were safe and exclusive to the people invited. We can say that zoom is one of the best things that emerged in the pandemic.

  1. Telegram

Telegram is for people who like a simple and comfortable texting experience. you get several stickers to choose from and many additional features. But telegram was mostly used or is used for the various important groups. You will find many important material and files in telegram through groups. 

There are several groups through which you can get links for the newly released movies and get a review about them. There are a lot of free available educational materials too. telegram is used by many people for various bots which helps you with different things such as file conversion or generating a file link.

  1. Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the most liked social media by GenZ. You must have heard about the craze of maintaining a streak. Well, you just have to keep constantly sharing videos or pictures which are called snaps and your streak will keep increasing. The more streak you have the cooler you are. 

Snapchat also has some cool avatars which you can customize as per your personality and you get interesting bitmoji’s to interact with other people. Snapchat is currently used by a lot of people but it is most popular among youngsters and high school students.

  1. Duolingo

In a world where you can connect to people worldwide, you must know multiple languages too. learning a new language is a great thing and in this pandemic, most of us were getting bored and wanted to learn some new things. Duolingo helped people to learn the basics of new languages for free. 

You can select any language from a wide range of options available in the app. there are several categories such as introduction, basics, intermediate, and many more. It has these fun exercises that make the learning joyful. These are the reason Duolingo rise to such popularity and is currently used by millions of people to learn a new language every day.

  1. Amazon

Any list of the most used app is going to be incomplete without this particular app. there are many people out there who have got a tight schedule and cannot run to the market for everything. Amazon is a great relief as an eCommerce website.

 The fast and safe delivery helped a lot of people to stay at their home and get the thing of their needs and essentials. Amazon has a huge consumer base and the app is used by several people to order different things. 

  1.  You tube

This list is incomplete without the mention of your tube. It does not matter which year it is there can be no replacement for youtube. The app has millions of videos that can keep you entertained for a long time. Not just entertainment but youtube has got countless videos for every genre. 

We live in a generation where at least everyone has a favourite YouTuber. You can watch different content for free unless you want to skip through the ads. Your tube is a cheap yet good source of entertainment and learning. There are a lot of things one can find for itself.


So these were the top ten most-used apps of 2022. We are sure that even you must be using many of these. These apps have changed the way people used to live. You can connect to millions of people sitting in your home, learn new things and create content and become popular. We hope that you liked the article


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