What is a Business Degree?

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A Business Degree is very popular amongst undergraduate students. A person having a business degree can have a future in many fields such as industries, marketing, financial services, healthcare and information technology.

Business Degrees can be obtained both online and offline. While researching about an online business degree, one should know whether it has been approved by recognized agencies. If approved, then it is considered reputable by employers

Types of online Business Degrees

Business Degrees can be pursued online as well as offline. The types of business degrees which can be pursued online are given below.

  • Associate Degree

An Associate of Science (AS) degree in Business Administration can be earned online. In an associate degree, generalized requirements are taught first before proceeding with specialization in business administration. In an associate degree, one can learn about principles of business and other related subjects like human resources, marketing, accounting, and technology. With an Associate degree in business, one can apply for various entry-level jobs or go for a bachelor’s degree after completion. An associate business degree is a good choice if one does not have time to invent, like in a bachelor’s degree, but want a business degree as an academic qualification.

  • Bachelor’s degree

One can pursue either a Bachelor of Science (BS) or a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in business. In this kind of degree, one can opt for a particular major or study various subjects related to business. Marketing, human resources, finance, accounting and business studies are some of those subjects. After studying general education requirements, one can get engrossed in their major more thoroughly. Foundational business subjects like are taught and this helps to pursue entry-level jobs. One can also go for an MBA after this. Almost every role in finance sector and business sector requires this degree to get started on that career path.

  • Master’s degree

One can pursue a Master of Science (MS) in business degree online. Master of Business Administration (MBA) is the most famous. In a master’s degree, students will get to learn about more advanced topics related to business like corporate finance or international market. Leadership development is also done since many people pursuing this degree may want senior level or managerial roles. Intense skill development and networking are perks of pursuing an MBA program.

Benefits of online business degrees

There are many benefits of pursuing a business degree online. Some of them are given below.

  • Development of new skills

For someone who hasn’t pursued any other online degree, they will be able to develop new skills. Online degrees teaches students to be self-sufficient and makes them develop management skills to meet their deadlines. Skills like time management are learned during online degrees. In this way, apart from technical business knowledge, students also develop soft skills in order to survive in a business environment.

  • Flexibility of schedule

Balancing personal and professional life is very important in order to life a successful life. Students can pursue other employment and souces of income while pursuing an online business degree. Family, social life and work can be enjoyed to the fullest by scheduling study time in such a way that it does not clash with these. This also permits a student to study from anywhere in the world at any time.

  • Affordable

Online business degrees are more affordable than offline business degrees because fewer resources are required. Due to this, tuition fees can be reduced. This also reduces transportation costs for the student. If the institute is away from home, students may have to rent a room or stay in hostel, which means additional expenses. In this way, commutation expenses and living expenses are lessened.

  • Flexible learning methods

While pursuing an online business degree, students may opt for different study methods to suit their needs. Some people may learn better from hard copy material while others may learn better via a screen. An online business degree caters to all of that and more.

  • Unique networking opportunities

Pursuing a business degree means lots of networking. Many online degree providers provides opportunities for students to expand their network through the virtual web. Virtual networking is convenient because it allows students to build contacts both locally and internationally.

Business Degrees in Australia

There are many universities and institutions in Australia providing online business degrees. Some of them are given below.

Bachelor of Business at UniSA

The University of South Australia is a great research university whose regional campuses provide online business degrees. This degree is considered to be top one percent in business schools and is recognised internationally. It provides a flexible degree and allows students to develop enterpreneurial skills.

Charles Sturt University

Bachelor of Business Degree is provided online and offline at Charles Sturt University. ANZIIF and Charles Sturt University provides joint MBA degree which requires an insurance diploma. One can pursue this if one is a member of ANZIIF.

Australian Institute of Business

Australian Institute of Business provides flexible online and offline business degrees. It is the largest online MBA provider in Australia. It is induatry focused and is internationally recognised. This university has over 35 years of experience.

Torrens University Australia

Torrens University Australia provides Bachelor of Applied Business by teaming up with Ducere Global Business School. They do not take any exams but takes quizzes and projects instead. Students can build better professional skills.

Griffith University

Griffith University provides online Bachelor of Advanced Business (Honours) degree which helps students to build a better career path. It is ranked in the top two percent online and provides flexible courses to students to fit with their busy lifestyle.

The University of Newcastle

The University of Newcastle provides Bachelor of Business degree for 3 years full-time or even part-time equivalent up to 8 years maximum. They have many global connections and excellent job employment statistics from alumni.

Deakin University

Deakin University is Australia’s top public university which provides online business degrees. It is considered as one of the top one percent universities online and have built an excellent reputation.


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